Nestled between Lake Illawarra and the iconic Illawarra Escarpment, a Parkside address captures 270-degree views of sandstone cliffs surrounded by a dense medley of forests across to the stunning NSW coastline.


Parkside is within walking distance of the soon-to-be developed, Kembla Grange Town Centre and playing fields. Parkside is also just 15 minutes from Wollongong’s city centre, and a little over 5 minutes to nearby shops, schools, medical services, and recreational amenities.


Parkside surrounds an impressive 8-hectare nature park. As well as the luxury of having a natural asset on your doorstep, the park adds to your outdoor living space with trails, playgrounds and boundless areas to explore.

  1. Proposed site for Kembla Grange Town Centre
  2. 8 hectare nature park
  3. Proposed site for playing fields

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