Views you will
never tire of


Nestled between Lake Illawarra and the iconic Illawarra Escarpment, Parkside captures 270-degree views of sandstone cliffs surrounded by a dense medley of forests across to the stunning NSW coastline.

Located within an elevated landscape, a Parkside address is an investment in your future, giving you the opportunity to build a home with uninterrupted views.

The lots within Parkside have been specifically designed and have been benched and retained to enhance your home’s privacy, while also providing you with an abundance of natural light and stunning views of the region.


Potential views from your Parkside address:

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever tire of Parkside’s escarpment views, but living here also puts you just minutes from some of the region’s other lovely viewpoints.

Hooka Point Observation Tower
10 minutes

This two-storey viewing platform overlooking the mouth of Hooka Creek across Koong Burry Bay provides great views of Lake Illawarra’s only two islands, Hooka and Gooseberry.  Gooseberry Island houses the Berkley Nature Reserve, the habitat of rare plants including one believed to exist at only one other site worldwide.

Port Kembla Hill 60 lookout
17 minutes

A heritage-listed Aboriginal site that overlooks many Aboriginal shell middens, the views at the top of the walking track also make it obvious as to why this has been a long-favoured fish-spotting location. Hill 60 was also an important World War II stronghold, with fortifications that included gun batteries and tunnels.

Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse
20 minutes

With your back to the Tasman Sea, stand at the base of the iconic Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse and enjoy 180-degree views of the Illawarra hills and coastline. To the north is Wollongong’s picturesque Belmore Beach harbour with Bellambi Point in the distance. To the south is Port Kembla. Framing Wollongong city are Mount Keira and Mount Kembla.